Fire ravages Cole Clark factory

The fire has devastated one of three inter-connected factories

The fire has devastated one of three inter-connected factories

Cole Clark Guitars’ factory in Melbourne, Australia, has suffered “millions of dollars’” worth of damage in a fire. The blaze, which started at midday on Tuesday 27 August, began in the paint shop and moved throughout the complex, hitting one of three connected factories.

MIN spoke to CEO Miles Jackson, who said: “The forensic fire investigator said it was ‘spontaneous combustion’. It really took off. Within seconds the fire was out of control and everyone just got out.”

No one was hurt in the fire, but much of Cole Clark’s machinery, including a $400,000 CNC router, has been destroyed or damaged. The building has also been structurally compromised in the fire, with two steel beams buckling in the heat.

Mr Jackson said: “We are working through it with our insurance company and should be back to making guitars in around six weeks. This will be done by setting up a temporary workshop facility in an adjacent factory not damaged by the fire. The plan is to have the damaged factory completely restored and back up and running at normal capacity in around four months”.

Miles Jackson, Cole Clark's CEO, estimates that "millions of dollars'" worth of damage has been caused

Miles Jackson, Cole Clark’s CEO, estimates that “millions of dollars'” worth of damage has been caused

Mr Jackson thanked those offering their support: “We thank all our friends and partners for their kind offers of help and their patience as we get back on our feet and rebuild the company.”

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